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Paris - Scented crystals

Paris - Scented crystals

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Relax and luxuriate in the unique scent sensation. These luxurious scented crystals in combination with the natural stone or ceramic holder from Aquanova are a striking addition to any cloakroom or bathroom. The perfumed crystals immediately start diffusing the amazing aroma around the room. The extraordinary scent provides an incredible refreshment. If you would like extra scent, use the bottle and pipette included to add several more drops as you wish. 


Bergamot grapefruit and lemon guiding the senses towards vetiver and cedar

Bois de Cèdre

A relaxing blend of cedar wood patchouli and sandelwood


With it's spicy freshness this fragrance takes you on a trip from Asia to the Mediterrean

Thé Vert

A lemon fragrance with a natural feeling, slightly aromatised with mint and eucalyptus


Match your accessories with the Ugo and Hammam series! 


  • 500 gr of natural & impregnated acacia gum stones 
  • Pet bottle refill 50 ml.



  • Scented crystals
  • Natural & impregnated acacia gum stones
  • Vegan

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