Design your interior

Room Design Inspiration 1

In this collection, we present a colour palette that radiates warmth and tranquility. It creates a soft, comfortable atmosphere that enriches your daily routine. Central to this are three new colours: A deep purple shade of the Calla. Additionally, Malva, a calming colour that brings peace. And finally, Prunus, a pink tint that exemplifies softness. Together, these colours form a warm, inviting atmosphere. Discover elegance and serenity with this collection and be surprised by the new additions to our London collection.

Room Design Inspiration 2

Upon entering the room, you are immediately drawn to the soothing beige walls, exuding a sense of calm and relaxation. Stylish black laundry bags from the Cino and Finn collection stand out, offering a sharp contrast to the beige and infusing the room with a contemporary vibe. This modern aesthetic is further enriched by the sleek, black wooden accessories from the Cole range.

Towels and bathmats in soft hues of salt and grey harmonize with the beige walls, weaving an ambiance of tranquillity. The room's modern touch is further elevated by the Dax black mirror. Seamlessly blending classic comfort with contemporary flair, the room emerges as a true sanctuary. And to crown this elegant design, dark grey stone accessories from the Conor collection present that luxurious feel.

Room Design Inspiration 3

Introducing the Figo Ice Stoneware Accessories - a captivating collection that brings the essence of the outdoors into your indoor spaces. These lively accessories feature a hand-applied glaze effect on ceramic, ensuring that each piece is one-of-a-kind.

The primary hues of steel and ice, along with oceanic and aquatic tones, blend to produce a peaceful setting that evokes images of glaciers and seas. The serene atmosphere is enhanced by the soothing blues, and the contemporary feel is provided by the addition of steel. All colours in our London towel collection.