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Kaz - Waste bins

Kaz - Waste bins

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The KAZ Collection features timeless, stylish, and subtle designs. These bathroom accessories boast understated shapes and colors, making them a perfect fit for various bathroom styles. Most importantly, they serve as the ideal finishing touch without overpowering the ambiance of your bathroom. Among the collection, the KAZ pedal bin stands out with its elegant rounded shapes, making it a delightful eye-catching addition to your bathroom or toilet.

Crafted with quality in mind, the lid and body of the pedal bin are made from sturdy metal, while the inner bucket is constructed from durable polypropylene. The pedal itself is designed with ABS material for smooth and reliable use. To ensure a gentle and quiet closing mechanism, the pedal bin features a soft-close function.



  • Pedal bin: ø 17,8-22,5x28,2 cm
  • 3L
  • PolyPropylene (Base | inner bucket | back hinge | back handle)
  • ABS (Pedal)
  • Soft close
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