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the new color palettes of this season.



Bitter & sweet,

like ginger and cinnamon. It’s no wonder that these opposites attract. You’ll notice that styling a room with one color will soon shift from a safe choice to a dull interior. Double the colors, double the fun! These earthy tones create a cocooning and surprisingly soothing effect.

Let go of your daily rush and return to center. Feeling comfortable and connected. This adaptable palette can be styled into a soft look, as well as a robust interior. For those times when you want to spice things up, without making immense changes.




Playful vibes,

Kids are home, running around barefoot. Everyone is trying to find their balance. Try mirroring this in your interior. Because styling a home, your home, is all about finding the right evenness between excitement and peace, charm and comfort. 

This season, soft and playful interiors are all the rage. Round shapes are making their way back. This collection transforms any small room into a spacious room with a high level of coziness. Brighten up your bathroom with this new color palette. Prefer it a bit bolder? Combine with black elements for a surprising twist.





Nature's carpet,

The positive influence that the outdoors has on our mental health is becoming more noticeable by the day. We search for it in forests, parks or gardens. To unwind for a moment. Reflect. But most of all, we want to capture that feeling and carry it around in our pocket. This rich Moss color recreates this moment inside. Invite it in.

Not only do we aspire to make your interior look natural, we also want it to be natural. Our collection is enriched with many eco-friendly items, or essentials made from natural elements to do so.


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