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Oceano x peach scrub

Wash and scrub your hands using this delicate soap, made from soft peach kernels. The oceano scent leaves your hands feeling refreshed. A great gift, but also great for pampering your guests after a visit to your bathroom or cloakroom. The Pesca soaps with their natural look & feel are made from certified sustainable palm oil (RSPO).

Gingembre x peach scrub

The ginger scent refreshes your hands with the most delightful peppery note and will reinvigorate you. 

Bois de cèdre x peach scrub

Wash and refresh your hands with this unique scent sensation based on cedarwood, with its warm, spicy and woodsy notes.

Thé vert x peach scrub

Green tea, well-known for its calming properties, leaves your hands feeling great. 


  • Soap: 5,5 x 9 x 3 cm
  • 150 gr


  • Oceano - ivory
  • gingembre - ochre
  • Bois de cèdre - dark grey
  • Thé vert - Sienna