Conor reed diffuser sticks
Conor reed diffuser sticks

Conor reed diffuser sticks

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The best of both worlds. A combination of the most amazing home scent and durable natural stone. Create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom with the Bois de cèdre scented reeds in a natural stone holder. The three reeds are made from cotton and terylene fibres. The plant-based, organic scented oil (200 ml) should be replaced every 3 months. The bottle containing the reeds should be placed inside the natural stone holder. Please avoid contact between the liquid and the holder. The Conor reed diffuser makes for a beautiful gift and coordinates very well with the rest of the Conor accessories by Aquanova. 


Spicy and sharp, but elegant and soft at the same time. The ginger scent fills the room with the most delicious peppery notes and energy.

Bois de cèdre

The extraordinary, warm scent of cedarwood, with its spicy, woodsy notes. 

Thé vert

Relax and luxuriate in the unique green tea scent sensation. 


  • Reed diffuser Medium: ø9x16,8 cm
  • 200 ml


  • Natural stone
  • 3 Cotton - terylene fibersticks
  • Plantbased liquid - organic alcohol 200 ml
  • Refill lasts ± 3 months
  • * Do not pour the oil in the marble holder