As a family business, Aquanova feels responsible for its future
generations. That’s why we are working on an ambitious project that focuses on sustainability throughout our entire
supply chain.

A big step is to say goodbye to conventional cotton and to develop new textiles
in GOTS certified cotton. Oslo towel range and Per bath mat series carry the
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label. This means that the textile
fibres originate from organic agriculture. No harmful or carcinogenic
substances may be used in the production process either. A sustainability plan
is drawn up with attention to waste management, water and energy

From a social point of view, this label keeps an eye on the working conditions
in textile processing as well. Amongst other things, the social criteria for
textile processing include a ban on child labour, safe and hygienic working
conditions, physical abuse or other forms of intimidation.

Other series that are durable:
Mink, Dita, Viggo & Thor